Wednesday, 22 December 2010

the only example worth following...

We always say.. I want to be like Jesus but we don’t really look to his example enough. He pretty much gave us a map of how he would be in everything and I think sometimes we set off on the journey without looking at the map and only picking it up when we encounter difficulties. But if we look to him before we try to advance maybe we would have a smoother journey; maybe we would be able to follow his example without the mistakes that get in the way. Jesus taught us to pray by lesson and by practice so he essentially made it easy for us if we only bothered to consult the map before we leave the house to embark on the journey. 
After all he is the perfect example, he is the only example worth following!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

the joy that he brings...

I have been thinking about his love and it makes me a little weak.
Jesus gives me butterflies.
He makes me feel like everything is possible and nothing is out of reach. 
He makes me hope that the route map for my life will be revealed in time. 
He makes me think about sunshine and rainbows. 
Jesus makes me draw love hearts all over my notebook without realising I’m doing it. 
He makes me see the good in everything. 
He makes me smile when I think about him. 
He makes me sing. 
Jesus makes the world move.
He makes me care about what he cares about. 
He makes me look with his eyes. 
He makes me love everyone. 
Jesus makes everything make sense. 

Monday, 13 December 2010

the truth of the matter is...


Stop wasting time and start living a life that screams about his love!! Because anything else just makes the cross out to be completely insignificant and that is definitely not what he has called us out of darkness and into light for!

I know which I would prefer my life to talk about.. how about you??? Let's do this together...