Monday, 10 October 2011

Pathfinder weekend away...

AMAZING!!! That pretty much would sum up the whole weekend!

Personally I had been feeling a little dry and I was so stupidly exhausted that I was so worried about it sucking because I felt rubbish and just totally missing the magic. BUT GOD IS SOOOOO GOOD!! We had 'huddle' on Wednesday which is basically just prayer and chats but it generally involves LOADSSSSS of tears and it was a total awakening to me. He then encouraged me to take Thursday afternoon off and enjoy last minute preparations at a leisurely pace and hang out with him at the same time rather than packing everything in and getting WAY too stressed! So I took some time got filled up with his spirit again and got ready to hang out with 71 of the most amazing young people I have ever and probably will ever have the privilege to know!

And boy was it a great weekend... the atmosphere in the group was amazing, God did incredible things in everyone's lives and hearts and we generally had loads of fun being together as a group. I was slightly apprehensive because of the 20 leaders who went 10 had never done the Pathfinder weekend before but they were all amazing. Totally stepped up and threw themselves into everything that was going on and you couldn't tell they were newbies!

& this is what happened; 3 hours before the kids arrived hauling everyone's luggage up 2 flights of stairs, a crazy late night wide game, one broken hand and 3 hours spent in a&e, 3 hours sleep before it was day 2, insane meal times, Anna Jacklin's amazing teaching sessions, great seminars, an incredibly close game of laser-quest in the woods, wonderful creative workshops, tonnes of talent at the talent show, MC Watt Watt's comedy (w)rapping, a leaders dry weetabix race, guess the leader song contest, far too many sweets, about 30 cups of tea in 50 or so hours, a second night of like no sleep, rounders games, an outrageous team challenge, Anna Watkinson made me a pig mug :), lush roast dinner, one kid sent home a little early after being sick all night :(, 9 new Christians and tonnes tonnes more fun!!!!!!

It was amazing and I feel like God has totally reawakened my HUGE PASSION for youth work! & a text from Sam telling me I was a great youth worker was pretty much just the icing on the cake of an amazing weekend :)