Tuesday, 30 November 2010

the gift that is the bible

So over the last month or so life has been getting in the way of my bible reading. I have been reading but not consistently and I have been doing that thing where we think it's sort of OK to just open it and read for like a minute just so we can say we have read the bible today. But God gave me a bit of a newsflash; if you aren't being strengthened, challenged, encouraged and inspired when you read then you probably aren't reading enough or paying enough attention. It's not about reading because we feel like we should it's about getting to know the God who made us. It's about drawing near to a God who loves us. It's about accepting the gift that he has given us in his word and taking hold of it in our lives.

We need to readdress our approach to the bible; WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE BEAUTY that lies on the pages that we so often neglect. We need to think about the fact that God sent his Son to bring us back into relationship with him and remember that our free access to the bible is a huge part of that. We can walk into any bookshop and pick up THE WORD OF THE LIVING GOD!! Just think about that for a second; you can actually read the word of God and HE WILL SPEAK TO YOU!!!
I have been blessed over these last few days of the further realisation of the beauty that this book holds. My passion for the bible has been reignited and I am eagerly devouring his truth. I want to rediscover the beauty the bible holds and live a life that spreads its truth.

What better time is there than the Christmas season to jump back into his word? To rediscover what it means to have this gift. To really spend time in his word and think about the impact it can make on our lives. TO REDISCOVER OUR GOD!!! I have been reading about the birth, life and death of Jesus and thinking about what it means that God sent his Son into a broken world and I want to invite you to join me on this journey. A journey that I know will lead us closer to our heavenly Father and HELP US TO LEAD LIVES THAT SCREAM JESUS!!!!

So find a reading plan, or bible notes or choose a book, decide how your going to jump into the word and stick to it. Even when it's hard lets stay firmly in his truth and watch the change it brings to our lives.

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