Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Our society is dominated by lies and falsehoods. We watch programmes focused around lying, we play games that focus on lies, we make money by lying. We live in a society that is very accepting of lies; we dress it up and give it different names and with that it becomes a skill. Your poker face is considered a gift. We preach that we value honesty but we practice that we value lies. Everything we are presented with is fiction, we read books, watch tv, read magazines, all of which is based around lies. We are so open to accepting this that we even start to believe that it's ok to tell 'white lies' to 'protect others'. When really we all know that 'honesty is always the best policy'.

IT'S NOT OK TO LIE in any form whatever our motives because JESUS IS TRUTH.

And if Jesus is truth then to lie is sin, it separates us from the Lord. It puts us in a place where we are living in fiction. We are painting ourselves and others a picture that is neither true nor healthy. If we are walking with Jesus then we are called to walk in truth. How do we expect to be able to share the gospel when we are just as easily sharing lies? How is their any validity in the truth we proclaim when we have no problem proclaiming falsehood? How do we expect people to listen to our message when they know that we easily lie?

Our father above knows our hearts, he knows what is truth, he knows what is not. There is no-where to hide, there is no need to cover up our shortcomings for he knows all and HE LOVES YOU DESPITE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE AND WILL DO. This is such a freeing truth to know because if we are focused on his opinion of us then we have no need to lie about anything because we accept that we aren't perfect and that we rely on the grace of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Lies have NO PLACE IN THE KINGDOM.

Everything he speaks is truth, and I am striving to do the same, join me, won't you? I want to be like Jesus and Jesus is truth.


  1. I once did a talk on this to my church and said exactly the same thing as you - it's not ok to lie.. however is it ok to lie in a joking way? When everyone knows you are joking and everyone excepts that it was said to make people laugh.
    Something as simple as ''I am the queen, bow down to me and be my slave'' (terrible example I know). I believe that God is a God of humour, but how far does that stretch?

  2. Good point Miss Stephens. I guess the simple truth is that God knows our hearts and it is the root of the lie that is the real issue. I guess when we joke we are not saying it out of a place where we are trying to cover up our imperfections and sins and then maybe it is Ok. But i think God is the only one who has any authority on the subject so you will have to take it up with him, i know i will be...