Friday, 19 November 2010

Our God Is Love....

Getting the post yesterday was probably the most fun post has even been when I opened a mysterious package to find the new soul survivor album. I don't think I have ever been so excited about a CD. I have actually been waiting and virtually counting down the days to hear it and in this process God has taught me about expectancy. That when we eagerly anticipate his good gifts the reward is great. When we have put our hope in the father and the gifts he desired to give us then WE WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!! He will never let us down because he always knows what is best for us.

I wanted to also share the words of one of the songs with you; Beth Croft's version of Our God is love is truly beautiful and the lyrics are full of truth.

Every soul every beating heart
Every nation and every tongue
Come find hope in the love of the Father
All creation will bow as one
Lift their eyes to the risen Son
Jesus Savior forever and after

This is love
Jesus came and died and gave His life for us
Let our voices rise and sing for all He's done
Our fear is overcome
Our God is love
Our God is love

Every distant and broken heart
Every prayer every outstretched arm
Finding hope in the love of the Father

Age to age let His praises rise
All the glory for all of time
Jesus Savior forever and after

Age to age we will be singing
In the light of all He's done
All the earth everyone singing
In the wonder of His love

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