Tuesday, 2 November 2010

God's Blog :)

I have never been a blogger and to be honest the idea is a still a little strange to me but God asked me to and obedience is a must but also I do just love to talk about Jesus and it is extremely powerful when we share what God is doing and teaching us so I thought why not? :)

Although that then leads me into but why? Because I personally don't think I have much to say that is truly profound but God has been talking to me loads about the words he gives us to speak so this is going to be GOD'S BLOG!!! If it's not from the Big G it won't be appearing because it's all about the Jesus lovin' fun :)

It is such a gift that God uses us to bring his children home and that is what I give my life to. To eagerly chase after what he has for me and live every day for his glory; to give all I am to live for him. I feel so blessed that God loves the internet so I suppose that is what inspired this in part, to bring glory to God in everything even when I'm on-line. I am so excited to think of what God is going to teach me and hopefully whoever reads this through the world that is blogging!

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