Tuesday, 8 March 2011


So as a CU today we are going to be making pancakes and delivering them to people's houses and I feel like God is making me really expectant. At our Church weekend away this past weekend, which was immense, the speaker was talking about how we will never get more than we expect, so I am really glad that God is turning me into an expectant person.

I really want to bless my university and just let God use me to spread some joy! As we feed the hungry students this evening we will also be answering a question about God/Christianity etc and it really excites me that we get to share the gospel and give out food at the same time...

I'm getting so excited about what God is going to do :)

Sorry for the randomness of such a message but I'm really excited about JESUS and I wanted to share it.... plus I'm saying bye-bye Facebook for Lent so I think I might be posting a bit more as I have been wasting so much time fruitlessly sitting on Facebook and I would much rather be sharing what God is doing!

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