Thursday, 3 March 2011

give it all.....

So I was subtly reminded tonight that I have been neglecting this beautiful blog and it made me want to write something about what I have been learning recently...

I think the night I became a Christian was a little bit disconnected from the time I actually completely submitted myself to Jesus and literally gave him everything. The night I became a Christian I definitely fell head over heels in love but I didn't really understand the joy that was involved in handing over control of everything for a few months. I gave my summer to learning more about God but I still tried to control my life, I still made my decisions on my own and I still decided what I thought was best for me in my life. But then one day it struck me that if this relationship was going to work I was going to have to give everything. I wanted to live a crazy life for Jesus, I wanted to be his hands on the earth and I wanted to be his voice to his broken world but I wanted to do it with myself in the driving seat. BUT IT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS. If we want to be living the life he has called us to then we have to submit to him and trust that he will honor it. We have to literally give him every single part of us for him to use us to the max. Jesus said he came to give us life to the full but surely we can't possibly claim that unless we give him everything???


Because if we hold back we are held back!!!!

I heard someone on a podcast say a while ago that 'You are only going to get out of this experience with Jesus what You put into it' and it's soooooooo true. We will reap what we sow. It's as simple as that.

So today I am getting on my knees and giving it all, all over again. I'm asking him to forgive me for what I have tried to claim as my own and I am asking him to take all of me and use it for his glory!
Will you join me??

If we want to live lives that can have a real impact and can truly bring him glory and do the work of his kingdom this is the only way; to give everything!!

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