Thursday, 24 March 2011


So when Catherine asked me to be on CU committee this year I admit I was a little petrified especially when she told me that they wanted two of us to make up the Evangelism Team. It was the scariest thing because she wasn't allowed to say who it was, so I it was literally diving into the unknown. It could of turned out disastrously but God is sooooooo good!!!

LUCY TENNANT, who would be the other half of ET, IS AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND. You so know God is in control when you are called to be in partnership with someone you didn't really know but it turns out you're visions are so in line. I feel like God is teaching me so much about partnership and teamwork and it's amazing. It's really quite incredible to be doing this together and it is such a blessing to have someone you can always turn to for support. Even the fights are incredibly entertaining!!! It's also just really cool to be a team within a team and be able to play to each other's strengths rather than have to do everything solo!

This is such a random post but we are doing an alpha talk together tonight and today I am just thinking about how much of a blessing Lucy has already been in my life and it's only been a month or two....


Basically I JUST LOVE LUCY...... & I LOVE JESUS EVEN MORE...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was a little unsure whether to say the next part but in faith I am going to step out and say people are going to enter his kingdom at alpha tonight!!!!!!!!!! So please be praying because the Lord is bringing revival and he wants us to get on board!!!!!!!

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