Wednesday, 16 March 2011

the joy of JESUS...

Today is Wednesday and I am insanely happy, in fact I have been seriously happy since Saturday actually, something just clicked actually and ever since I just can't really stop smiling! To me this feels new but then a friend mentioned today that I am in fact always happy, except maybe when i am hungry but thats another story, and it made me think that Saturday was sort of just a new burst of Jesus' joy and it's just generally making me buzzed!

I'm having so much fun just living life.

And I think the coolest part is that there have obviously been not so great things happen over the last few days but there is something about living life with Jesus that makes earthly rubbish shrink down in comparison!

I don't really know the reason for this post other than that I wanted people to know the Jesus brings so much Joy! Although thinking about it now the same friend text me just saying 'the joy of the lord is our strength' last night and it all seems to make sense because of his joy we are strong!

& my prayer for anyone that reads this is that you will be filled with his joy and that whatever you are facing right now it would make you strong. That because of him you know that you can face all things and come out the other side, and that just the thought of that alone would make you even more joyful!!


& I am now going to get into bed and read 'God knows my name' by Beth Redman... majorly good read and it's really blessing me with spiritual truths that sort of start to slip through the net a little, if you haven't read it I would definitely recommend you give it a go.. well worth it!

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