Monday, 14 March 2011

made with love...

OK so firstly sorry for the post after post after post today but I had the afternoon off and God is obivously speaking a lot so I wanted to share it with you!!

I just pulled a cardigan out of the wardrobe and noticed the label for the first time ever... underneath the usual brand and size nonsense thats always there there was a tagline that said 'made with love' and I just thought that was seriously cool that I could wear things that were covered in love. Which sort of hit me that, that is exactly what I do daily because I walk around covered in the blood of Christ which is the most perfect expression of love. I walk around wearing a coat of love.... majorly cool!!
And then a second thought hit me that it was pretty crazy to say something was made with love until I realised that if I had a label it would say exactly that because I WAS MADE WITH LOVE. God created us out of love and every detail of us he thought about intimately. He literally considered everything about you and me which is beyond understanding in itself. It's such a crazy thought to think that he made me with all the love in the world in his heart and spoke me into being because he had so much love he couldn't keep it inside. He had to make me, he had no choice because to deny the desire to love me would be to deny himself.

Basically what I'm saying is GOD LOVES ME AND GOD LOVES YOU!!!

AND JESUS IS INSANELY COOL.... but that's a whole lifetime of blog posts really so stay tuned I guess!!!


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