Friday, 11 March 2011

i believe.....

So as I sit in my room after doing loads all day the song 'affirmation' came on in the calm after the storm or so to speak. It's a song that literally goes I believe..... I believe..... and each line is just a fact about what whoever wrote the song believes and it really made me think about how many things we actually do believe without realising it. There are things in my life that I have probably always believed without even thinking about it. And I mean the good and the bad. It really challenged me to think about what I believe. The Oxford Dictionary defines believe as to 'accept that something is true, especially without proof'. Which really challenges me because as I thought about it it made me think that I probably do believe outright lies about myself as easily as I believe that Jesus died for me. And It's just not right!!!!

So today I am asking him for his truth and to let that be the basis of my beliefs! I want to honor him in everything I believe and not just the 'spiritual' things! I guess it's time to get on our knees again and apologise for believing Satan's lies and ask him to bring his truth and let that be the beliefs that shape our lives.... Care to join me????

and on a total God is so good at helping me stand true to Lent that one of the lines in the song is 'I believe that junk food tastes so good because it's bad for you'. As I am giving up facebook and snacky rubbish for lent this totally made me remember that this Lent I am turning to what is good for me and that means see you later Junk and HELLO MORE OF JESUS..... YES PLEASE.... DEFINITE UPGRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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